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A name derived from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs meaning completion or the complete one. 

ATEM is a book project exploring the philosophy of happiness. Within the 97 pages various concepts are explored including how to make ecstasy, the philosophy of Tetrapharmakos, and a letter that Epicurus sent to Moneoceus.

IMG_6675 2_edited.jpg


front cover

An abstract experimental typeface was designed for the front cover of the book. Each letter had to follow the design system created for the typeface. The design focuses on repeating patterns as well as shape and line continuation.

back cover


tetrapharmakos also known as "the four part remedy" used to help avoid anxiety and existential dread. It is a summery of the first 40 doctrines of the philosophy of Epicurus of Samos. the symbol is a mix of the greek letters Tau and Phi


hemlock was used to poison socrates during his execution

from the painting, the death of socrates. The hand above is his about to reach for his poison

The other hand of socrates, pointing up at the sky, teaching his students during his final moment.

a feather ink pen, used to write philosophy at that time.

More images from the book (click to view)....

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